Castaduct® – Always fascinating pliable down to the finest detail
Recently developed from RHEINFELDEN ALLOYS Tech- Center this new alloy family AlMgFe astonished the industry. Highest elongation in the cast together with a yield strength typically found after heat treatment T7 can be achieved in the as cast state. And the castability enables large and thin wall HPDC casts, like the car builders ask for. And joining techniques of different kind are possible.

Note technical information!

Castaduct®-42 [ AlMg4Fe2 ]

Areas of use
Large and thin-walled structural casts; connection nodes for space frame designs; battery housings, electronic covers or shelter housings; thin-walled body parts; for architecture, cars, lighting, aircraft, domestic appliances, air conditioning, automotive engineering, foodstuffs industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, defense engineering. Replaces typical AlSi10MnMg high pressure die casts with O/T4/T7 treatment, but also Magnesium-based HPDC.

Distinguishing characteristics
High pressure die casting alloy with very good casting properties, even with 6 mm thick-walled designs. Best in class corrosion resistance to weathering and salt water. Ideal for adhesive bonding in car design. Best anodizing capabilities, including decorative anodizing. Even in the as cast state suitable for all joining techniques in car design.

Alloy denomination
Chemical denomination: AlMg4Fe2

Mechanical properties

TreatmentWall thicknessYield tensile strength
Rp0,2 [N/mm2]
Ultimate tensile strength
Rm [N/mm2]
A [%]
F2 - 3125 - 135245 - 26511 - 15
F3 - 4120 - 130245 - 26512 - 16