Castaman® - reducing the Carbon Footprint
An alloy family, that use the possibilities of recycling, to a desired high sustainability – to come represented in carbon footprint counter.

Nature’s role model: the lupine, growing from the humus of last year’s crop.

Note technical information!

Castaman®-35 [ AlSi10MnMg ]

Areas of use
Large and huge structural car body casting, lighting, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering

Distinguishing characteristics
High pressure die casting alloy with very good casting properties, even with thick-walled designs. Very good corrosion resistance to weathering and water.

Alloy denomination
Chemical denomination: AlSi10MnMg Numerical denomination: 43 500

Mechanical properties

Casting MethodTreatment-­
Rp0,2 [N/mm2]
Rm [N/mm2]
A [%]
Brinell hardness
HPDCT6180 – 280250 – 3406 – 1280 – 110
Processing properties compared to other high pressure die casting alloys

Alloy typeCastaman®-35Silafont-36Silafont-09
Sticking tendencylowlowlow
Die life100%100%100%
Linear shrinkage0,4-0,6%0,4-0,6%0,4-0,6%