RHEINFELDEN Research and Development

Our goal is to be able to offer a wide spectrum of individualised aluminium cast alloys to the broad market for investment casting, sand casting and high-pressure die casting, as well as meeting application and process-specific customer needs. It is important to us to give cast aluminium the necessary properties of rigidity and deformation properties to accompany its nature as a light weight metal, and make a contribution to reducing fuel consumption and CO²-emissions in motor vehicle construction. Our extensive and well-equipped technological centre makes high performance service as well as market-oriented ongoing development of our cast alloys.

RHEINFELDEN Foundry Consulting

For all questions involving foundries and casting technology, RHEINFELDEN Consulting is at your disposal with engineering specialists and the capabilities of our TechCentre.

We provide consultation in the use of cast aluminium and its construction as well as a suitable choice of alloys. We assist in overcoming difficulties in casting and in identifying the causes of rejects and communicating knowledge about processing, welding and surface treatment of cast aluminium, metal analyses, microscopic structural analysis and perform mechanical strength measurements for you. We are available round-the-clock and world-wide if you have needs concerning the fabrication of unusually demanding components or engineering production processes.


The time factor is playing a more and more important role in our customer’s problems with casting technology. The equipment in our tech centre makes it possible to experimentally solve problems quickly and to rapidly integrate new insights into production. This type of technical support, renown in the industry, is an exclusive service for customers of RHEINFELDEN ALLOYS. The Tech-Centre supports both RHEINFELDEN’s development as well as our customers’ development projects with the following goals:

  • Optimising mechanical and casting properties of the cast aluminium-alloys
  • Alloy development taking into consideration the corresponding casting and processing procedures
  • Simplified metallurgical work in our customer’s foundries

Equipped with laboratories for metallography, spectral analysis and testing cast materials, we can carry out structural examinations, tensile tests and component tests.